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Designed to Enhance the Clinical Value of Red Blood Cells

MicroVascular analysis (MVA)* illustrates the ability of Hemanext ONE RBC** to perfuse networks of artificial capillaries compared to conventionally stored RBC at day 42.1

Hemanext ONE RBC Processing and Storage System

Designed to limit progressive damage to red blood cells during storage.
  • Reduces oxygen prior to storage2
  • Reduces the accumulation of oxidative and metabolic storage lesions3,4
  • Improves quality and function of RBC including deformability4
  • Offloads oxygen better than conventional blood5

*Microvascular Analysis (MVA) is an in-vitro model for Research Purposes
** Red Blood Cells

1. Burns et al. Blood Transfus 2016;14:80-8. 2. Hemanext ONE Instructions for Use: 3. D’Alessandro et al. Transfusion 2020;9999:1-13. 4. Yoshida et al. Blood Transfus 2019;17:27-52. 5. Whitley et al. ISBT 2018 [Meeting Abstract].

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